Onion and garlic from Spain to the world




More than a decade dedicated to agriculture

Nesbo arises from an idea: to unite more than a decade of experience with the professionalism and know-how of years working in international logistics. From there, from the knowledge and passion of young Andalusians workers with an ambitious project in mind, our company was born.

A win-win value chain

Today we continue working day by day to get the best product from our crops and bring it wherever you need it. From Spain to Canada, Brazil, Dubai, Europe… And much more! For Nesbo, this is more than a business, it is a chain in which we want to create value. Quality, trust, flexibility and respect for our customers. That’s what we are.


At the forefront of the agricultural industry

If something defines Nesbo it is the vision of growing as a modern company within a traditional environment such as agriculture. Our team is young, enterprising and brave; and we are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century: digitization, immediacy, geopolitical challenges… For us, these are words that motivate us to improve day by day to face this business with the challenges of the future in mind.


Nesbo - trsust en

Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients We work from below trying to build solid foundations, based on a high-quality product, which have an impact on the happiness of our partners. This is an essential pillar of our company: professional and conscientious work to earn your trust.

Nesbo - flexibility en

What do you need? How do you need it? When you need it? In Nesbo we are aware of the complexity of international trade. Different time zones, different cultures a variety of ways of life, urgent requests… These are characteristics of this business that our team deals with naturally and efficiently. We are always there to solve problems and give to you what you need when and how you need it.

Nesbo - passion en

The Nesbo team is driven to a constant improvement attitude. Our processes are under permanent review and our job is revised constantly . From the work in the crops and the care and selection of our products, to the entire chain that brings our garlic and onions to you. Always focused on taking steps forward that put us at the forefront of the agri-food sector.